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Liquid Feed and Molasses

Our Management Team at Legacy Tank and Industrial Services has a thorough understanding of liquid feed plant operations and sugar cane processing facilities. We work directly with our customers to find the most innovative and economical solutions to our customer's storage and process needs.

Liquid Feed and Molasses Production and Storage Services Provided Include, but not limited to:

  • Design and Construction of New Field Erected Molasses Storage Tanks

  • Tank Repairs and Maintenance

  • New Field or Shop Erected Stainless Steel Mix Tanks

  • New Shop Erected Tanks (Flat Bottom, Cone Bottom, Skirted, or Legs)

  • Installation of Piping for Liquid Feed Facilities (Carbon and Stainless)

  • Tank and Pipe Insulation (Fiberglass or Mineral Wool with Metal Covering)

  • Engineering

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Foundations

  • Interior and Exterior Coatings

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